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Due to the various kinds of cell phone repair parts in the market, it may be difficult to choose the right product for you. To ensure that you get the best, you should only purchase cell phone repair parts that are produced using high-quality materials and manufacturing best practices and the only way to do this is by selecting the best manufacturer. MoRepair Parts provides you one-stop aftermarket supplies, including iPhone parts, Samsung parts, cell phone repair tools and other parts. We specialize in wholesale parts for iPhone screen replacement, Samsung screen replacement, and other repair parts for Motorola, LG, Sony, etc. MoRepair Parts is also a solution provider invested in assisting mobile repair communities grow their business.

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What makes our iPhone screen replacement different?

In today's global marketplace, the choices to find iPhone screen replacement such as iPhone 6 screen replacement, iPhone 6 plus screen replacement, iPhone 6s screen replacement and iPhone 6s plus screen replacement and others are numerous - the challenge is in searching for high quality, reliable parts that are consistently available - and that you can trust.

MoRepair Parts provides you the ideal iPhone screen replacement that is focused on maintaining the optimal balance between quality and cost. All our iPhone screen replacement complies with:
. With robust and wear resistance design, hardness of iPhone screens reach up to 9h, no scratches on iPhone screens after knife scratching
. Electroplating lens in iPhone screens for better camera shooting
. iPhone screens can avoid opening with cold glue manufacturing process
. With Tempered glass design, when the touch screen glass is broken, it will split into many fine lines in order to spread the impact force to protect the LCD module
. The interface of flex cable behave neatly, and 100% corresponding model matching
. Backlight with ESR full view
. High brightness of display

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Professional Cell Phone Repair Tools Gallery

Due to the various kinds of cell phone repair tools in the market, it may be difficult to choose the right repair tools for you. MoRepair Parts has taken the guess work out of it for you. So when ordering your tools and other equipment from MoRepair Parts do so with confidence in knowing that the brand you receive from us has been tried and tested amongst all leading brands out on the market.

MoRepair Parts carefully select various grades of repair tools and develop more professional repair tools to meet customers’ demand. You will find professional cell phone repair tools gallery from us such as:

. Hot Air Rework Station
. Magnifying Glass With Light
. Digital Oscilloscope
. Stereo Microscope
. Soldering Station
. Pentalobe Screwdriver

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Strict raw materials selection and testing of the finished products are MoRepair Parts' key.


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You can enjoy a 365 days warranty for all of our products, unless otherwise indicated.

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MoRepair Parts is a leading wholesale supplier of iPhone parts, Samsung parts, cell phone repair tools and other parts for cell phone repair industry. MORE treasure our customers as partners. Our growth is predicated on your success.

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