1. Quality Standard From MoRepair Parts

Standard Description LCD Glass Flex Cable Frame Appearance
A Strandard Aftermarket Aftermarket Aftermarket Aftermarket New
AA Premium Original Aftermarket Aftermarket Aftermarket New
AAA Super Premium Original Aftermarket Original Aftermarket New
OEM Pulls Torn down from used/new devices Original Original Original Original New Alike
OEM NEW Original from OEM factory Original Original Original Original New

2. Payment

A: There are four payment terms: Wire Transfer, PayPal, Western Union, and MoneyGram. TT is recommended. And all TRANSACTION FEES should be beared on buyer's side.
A: We do not accept Installment payments or cash on delivery. All orders must be 100% paid before delivery.
A: The price we offer do not include any taxes, but customers may have to pay import taxes if required by your local government, it’s all depend on your local government regulation.

3. Shipment

A: There are FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc. You can choose the most appropriate one.
A: All shipping costs are calculated by the courier companies according to their cost standard based on the weight or size, whichever is larger. Please understand that remote area shipping requires more time and additional fees due to their international logistic policies. No free shipping is provided at present.
A: Normally it takes around 1-3 days for our service team to prepare all the goods under triple QC inspection, moreover, you can track the shipping status by tracking No. after delivery.
A: Sorry, we are unable to change the shipping address if the order is already on its way to the destination you previously requested. You may have to contact your local logistics company to ask whether you can change the shipping address and how they might handle your updated request.
A: Please contact your local custom’s office or your local courier and give them your tracking number. Please request from them exactly what is necessary for you to provide in order to have your package released. If you require any documents such as an invoice, please inform us and we will provide them for you.
A: During transportation, if goods go missing due to having been detained by custom in China, all loss thus occurred should be borne by us; if goods go missing or are detained in other countries outside of China, all loss should be borne by the buyer.

4. After-sale Support

A: Each part is labeled with a special stamp on it that stands for MoRepair Parts. Please don't wipe/remove it because return will be denied if there’s no stamp on goods. If you are not sure of a product's ownership, please contact one of our after-sales representatives for the details so that we can confirm if the product is ours.
A: Please contact our after-sales representatives first before returning a defective part.

5. Return Policy

a. Return Postage

We will afford the return postage (from your country to our company), your return postage will be paid by PayPal refund (you can also request for equal volume of cash coupon which can be used in your next order). We do not afford the return postage of packages which do not meet our policy or agreement.


b. Missing parts or get wrong parts

If there are some parts missing from your order or we sent you incorrect items when you get the goods, please keep all the items in original condition as well as keeping all the packing stuffs, weigh all the items together with packing, then send us some photos of the goods by email. Please contact us within 7 days upon receiving of package. We will investigate the case when we get your email. If it’s indeed the case, we will send you the missing parts or the correct parts (sometimes you may be requested to return the incorrect parts).

After receiving the incorrect products, please kindly assist us with proofs as below:

. The photos or video of the incorrect part(s)
. The photos, video or screen shot showing the malfunction of the defective part(s)


c. Get damaged items, DOA (dead on arrival)

If there is products damaged (cracked) in appearance when you get the goods, please contact the courier and our after-sales representatives immediately. Within 7 days upon receiving the goods, if there are any DOA products, please send us photos or video of goods including package by email. Once the case is clarified, we will resend you a good part. Sometimes for DOA parts, you may be requested to return it.

In this case, please kindly provide us with proofs as below:
. The photos of package with front and back sides
. The photos or video of the defective part(s)
. The photos, video or screenshot showing the malfunction of the defective part(s)


d. Return shipping method

For the replacement, we will send it out in the shipment ways as the customer selected in their original order.

6. Packing

Following is one of the most typical examples of screen replacement package process

MoRepair Packing Example

7. BuyBack Solution

Q: Is there any BUYBACK LCD service from MoRepair Parts and what’s your price?

A: Yes, we do offer a LCD Buyback service and there is a price range among different LCDs. Please contact our service representative for more details.